Dog Parks

Dog Parks are great places for dogs to get exercise and have fun.  Hey,  I even have a great time playing with my dog, Shadow.  Shadow isn’t too good at playing fetch, (for some reason she thinks fetch is only an indoor sport) so we end up just running around.  But being a veterinarian, I do know of some of the craziness that can occur when your dog goes to the park.

Before taking your dog to the park you should make sure they will get along with other dogs.  I have had the unfortunate task of having to help numerous people when their dog has been bitten by another dog at the park.

Keep your dog leashed if they don’t listen to you.  That will help keep them from running away.

Always keep an eye on your dog so that way they don’t end up eating goose feces or some other stuff off the ground.

Make sure that your dog always has access to water and shade.   Make sure they don’t overwork themselves.  If they do too much in the heat, they can get heat stroke.

And don’t forget that fles and ticks can be found in many parks across the united states, especially Long Island.  Make sure you have flea and tick preventative.

Heartworm disease is becoming a bigger problem across the United States.  It’s transmitted by a mosquito and it’s not easily treated.  However, it is easily PREVENTED with heartworm medication.

And, of course, always keep your dog up to date on their vaccines.  The vaccines help prevent many of the viruses that your dog could contract at a park.  The Rabies vaccine is required by state law in New York.

So there are some pointers for everyone to think about to help prevent accidents or illnesses from occurring when you take your pet to the park.

Everyone please add comments on some of your good or bad experiences when taking your pet to the park.

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