Central Veterinary Associates Offers Tips on Keeping Your Pet Safe This Winter Season

Within the next few days, the winter season will officially begin. Wintertime is the time of year when animals can become vulnerable to the weather. Central Veterinary Associates is offering pet owners tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy this winter:

● Keep your cat inside.… Read the rest

January 2 Is National Pet Travel Safety Day

Central Veterinary Associates is reminding pet owners that January 2, 2014 is National Pet Travel Safety Day, and urges those who travel with their pets to take the necessary precautions for a more enjoyable trip.

Approximately 51% of U.S. pet owners take their pets with them when they travel, according to a study by Best Western International and the American Automobile Association (AAA).… Read the rest

Central Veterinary Associates Urges You to Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is an exciting time of year for everyone – even your pets. Amid all of the enthusiasm and holiday cheer, Central Veterinary Associates wants to help you take the proper precautions by providing these insightful tips in order to keep your pets safe:

● Watch your pet around the Christmas tree —Make sure the tree is properly secured in its stand so it will not fall on your pet.… Read the rest