New York Has Gone to the Dogs

The Big Apple was recently named the fourth most dog-friendly city in the United States by Find the Home. The study scored cities and counties across the nation on a Dog Friendly Index of one-to-100, taking into account the availability of groomers, veterinarians and pet sitting services, as well as parks and other locations for pet owners to play with their furry friends. New York City’s fourth-place ranking is due to its Dog Friendliness Index of 82.76; Nassau County is close behind, with a rank of 81.9; and Suffolk County pulled a score of nearly 75.

How can you make your community more pet-friendly and get all three regions to the top ten? The first step is to get involved. This can be as simple as stopping by to welcome new neighbors to the community with a treat for their pets, along with helpful information about neighborhood pet resources, such as the location of your local Central Veterinary Associates clinic and available dog walkers and pet supply stores. This information can be beneficial to anyone with a pet new to the area.

In towns lacking vital resources for pet owners, personal initiatives may be necessary to making it more pet-friendly. In an area lacking public garbage cans and curbside waste bags, residents are encouraged to contact local government officials to request them. If you’re the go-getter type, you may be happy to place them in the area yourself. Pet owners will appreciate the convenience and these pet-friendly resources will serve as a reminder to residents to pick up after their pets.

If you own a business and are considering making it pet-friendly, start off small by posting pet-friendly hours and limiting the animals to only certain areas of the store. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your store on a certain day, consider utilizing pet-friendliness for a promotion or event. It’s important to keep water bowls, treats and toys on hand at your business in order to best serve an animal’s attention. As a precautionary measure, restrict your business area to pets that are leashed, potty-trained, well behaved and non-aggressive.

To build a relationship with other pet lovers in your community, identify local dog parks and pet-friendly events to participate in. Volunteering at events like adoption drives and pet walks are a great way to connect to other animal lovers and together make the world safe and more humane for all living creatures.

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  1. That is nice that you can bring your pet to a vet to be looked at and cared for. That is cool that some vet clinics even have pet supply stores that will allow you to pick something up for your pet. Having an animal clinic that provides outstanding service, I would agree is important.

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