Robotic Pets Help People Suffering with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

dog and human

Doctors and researchers are constantly trying to find new ways to help people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia lead better lives. Last month, the latest tool to help improve the lives of these patients came out – a robotic stuffed animal that is designed to stimulate, calm and nurture actions in patients who may be depressed or experiencing anxiety.

These robotic pets encourage Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to do nicer and more friendly things instead of focusing on the negatives of their disease. It is also the perfect device for patients who are not up to holding conversations. The robotic pet is the perfect toy to hold, caress, and make you feel good about caring for an animal.

This therapy technique is very similar to pet therapy, which is a method where ill, mentally or physically disabled, or otherwise disadvantaged people can enjoy the companionship of pets, which gives them someone to love and care for. This robotic pet can fill a gap in some of the patients’ lives because not every person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia has people to care about them and look after them. With this new tool, these patients can feel that same love and bond without the risk of harming a live pet.

Although not alive, this robotic pet is very lifelike and even moves at the sound of his/her name. The robotic pet will turn their head or wiggle their tail if they are being talked to. These are added features to make the robotic pet seem as real as possible to give these Alzheimer’s and dementia patients the best experience. The point of this new therapy tool isn’t to trick these people into thinking the robotic pet is real, even though most do because of their disease. The point is to help improve their everyday lives and give them a “pet” to love, just like others, who aren’t fighting these diseases.

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