Pet Ear Infection

Ear infections in dogs are very common, but they are also preventable. Learn the causes today, so you can prevent your pet from suffering in the future.

Causes: There are a few different things that can cause an ear infection in your pet. Moisture in the ear canal, from bathing, grooming or swimming, can foster the growth of microorganisms and cause infection. Secondly, dogs who suffer from allergies – either environmental (pollen, dust mites, etc.), or food (beef, chicken, fish, etc.) – are predisposed to ear infections. This is due to the microscopic inflammation that occurs with an allergic reaction, which allows the overgrowth of bacterial and yeast organisms.

Prevention: Routine cleaning with a gentle dog-approved ear clearer can help reduce the frequency of recurring ear infections due to allergies. This will help to keep the bacteria from being able to fester and spread. For dogs who suffer from ear infections due to moisture in the ear canal, cleaning your dog’s ears after a both or grooming may prevent potential infections.

If you think your pet is suffering with an ear infection call CVA at (516)825-3066 or visit for more information.

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