Frogs as Friends

National Frog Month

Did you know that April is National Frog Month? Well, it got us thinking it White Bellied Pet Frogsmight be a good time to focus some attention on our tailless amphibian friends. Frogs are hatched from shell-less eggs into a tadpole that flourish in the water due to their gills. After developing out of their early larva stages of growth, they metamorphose into adult frog form. When it comes to owning a pet frogs, there are some great candidates.

What’s Great About Pet Frogs

They are low-maintenance and require little to no cuddling, exercising or petting. They also have very long lifespans, having the ability to live for 15 years or longer. As tadpoles, frogs are vegetarians, feeding on algae and plant material. Once they grow into adult form, full-grown frogs become carnivores, turning their appetite towards insects. So, if you don’t have the creeps for insects, you can catch most of your frog’s meals outside in the backyard. This makes mealtime very affordable.

If you are thinking about buying a frog as a pet, some types of frogs you may want to look for are:

Dwarf Clawed Frogs

Dwarf Clawed Frogs are very popular pet frogs. They are small, friendly, active and completely aquatic and among the easiest to keep in captivity. Dwarf clawed frogs do not require a big tank, only about a gallon of water is necessary for each frog. They can be kept with groups or other community-friendly fish. If you are a new frog owner, this is an ideal choice.

Fire Bellied Toads

This toad makes a great pet. Although not labeled as “frogs,” many people buy them as pets. They are very affordable to purchase, with an average cost of only $8 each. But, they do better in communities, so we advise you to buy a few of these little guys to keep each other happy and lively.

White Tree Frog

If you are looking for more of a hands-on frog to handle and hold, the White Tree Frog is the ideal candidate. The interesting fact about these frogs is that they sometimes will come out and sing to you. They have a lifespan of up to 16 years. So, they’ll always be there when you need someone to talk to. They are a perfect fit for someone with a busy lifestyle and may not have time for a traditional pet, such as a dog or cat.

Though frogs require little maintenance, they are still living beings that require some attention. It’s important to make sure that their living arrangements are acceptable. It’s imperative to keep your frog’s terrarium out of direct sunlight and to give it the necessary artificial light it deserves. Also, keep away from the kitchen, because the fumes from cooking can be harmful to your frog. In addition, Lysol, Febreze and other aerosol products should not be used where your frog is living. With regards to feeding, there should always be a fresh, clean bottle of water available. Also make sure to clean and filter the water within the terrarium.

With any additional questions that you need answered before or after buying a new pet frog, please don’t hesitate to visit Central Veterinary Associates online at or call (516) 825-3066.


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