National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, National Pet Cancer Month and National Pet Diabetes Month

Pet Diabetes

From change in appetite to lethargy, there are many physical signs associated with pet diabetes, which is most commonly found in dogs. This includes excessive thirst and increase in water consumption, increased urination, significant weight loss, dehydration, urinary tract infections and unusually sweet-smelling or fruity-smelling breath. A simple exam with your veterinarian – […]

12 Pet Safety Tips to Ensure Your Pet’s Health and Happiness This Holiday Season

There’s something about the holidays that gives us a warm feeling of contentment and appreciation of loved ones, such as our pets. Lights, presents, decorations and food are all common themes to our celebrations, but they’re also what contribute to pets winding up in the hospital during the holiday months. In honor of the close […]

You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Bond Between Seniors and Aging Pets

There’s an unmistakable connection between people and pets who have experienced the joys and hardships that come with old age. Though it’s likely that neither of them will be running marathons anytime soon, both have a refined appreciation of life and companionship. Additionally, they set a comfortable pace for one another, which, in turn, help […]

How to Serve Up a Trouble-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to come together with friends and family to give thanks and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. It can also be a time when people find it hard to resist slipping the family pet a nibble of the Thanksgiving feast from the table. However, what may seem as a […]

New York Has Gone to the Dogs

The Big Apple was recently named the fourth most dog-friendly city in the United States by Find the Home. The study scored cities and counties across the nation on a Dog Friendly Index of one-to-100, taking into account the availability of groomers, veterinarians and pet sitting services, as well as parks and other locations […]