Boa Constrictor Abandoned in Springfield Park Available for Adoption

vet with a snake

February 23, 2011 | Central Veterinary Associates, P.C. announces that a snake that was placed in its care after being found abandoned in Queens County late last year has recovered and is available for adoption.

On November 21, 2011, police officers from the 105th Precinct found a 16-pound Columbian red-tailed boa constrictor that was abandoned in Springfield Park in Rosedale. The veterinarians at Central Veterinary Associates took in the reptile and nursed it back to health. The snake is now available for adoption.

“We are glad to see that the snake has made a full recovery,” said Dr. Steven Fox, Chief Executive Officer and President, Central Veterinary Associates. “I would like to thank our wonderful veterinarians and staff at Central Veterinary Associates, including Dr. John Charos, our Director of Avian and Exotics Medicine, for providing the care needed to make this reptile healthy again.”

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Dr. John Charos, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer and Director of Exotics, Central Veterinary Associates, shows the boa constrictor that was found abandoned in a Queens County park and nursed back to health at Central Veterinary Associates’ Valley Stream location.

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