Central Veterinary Associates, P.C. Cares for Alligator Found at Mill Pond


Central Veterinary Associates, P.C. announces that an alligator has been in its care after it was brought in by a couple who found it at Mill Pond in Valley Stream.

On June 4, a couple spotted a two-and-a-half-foot alligator at Mill Pond. Once they were able to capture the reptile, they contacted Central Veterinary Associates, who told them to bring it in since they are experienced with such exotics. The alligator is currently under the care of Dr. John Charos, who has been practicing veterinary medicine on small and exotic animals and reptiles at Central Veterinary Associates for more than 20 years.

Upon examining the alligator, Dr. Charos determined the alligator was in fine health and well-fed and approximately two and a half years old. Arrangements are currently being made to transport the reptile to a licensed facility in Massachusetts through the aid of Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He also said that, although it was found over the weekend, the alligator could have been outside since early spring.

“It is a good thing they found the alligator when they did,” Dr. Charos said. “Even an alligator of that size can endanger the lives of people, especially adults, children, and their pets who like to frequent the pond during the weekend.”

Dr. Charos emphasized that animal abandonment is a crime, and it is also illegal to keep an animal such as an alligator in one’s residence without a special New York State Department of Environmental Conservation certification from the state’s Health Department. “The person got rid of the alligator because it was becoming too big to take care of,” he said. “Whoever left this reptile out in the pond not only broke the law but put the lives of others at risk.”

Dr. John Charos, Director of Avian and Exotics Medicine, Central Veterinary Associates, P.C., with the alligator that was found in Mill Pond on June 4.


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