Dr. John Charos Featured in Short Film Documentary New York Vet


Central Veterinary Associates is proud to announce that Dr. John Charos, CVA president and CEO, will be featured in the documentary New York Vet. The film will premiere at the Metropolitan Film Festival of New York, which chose the film for “Best Short Documentary,” on June 20 at the Producers Club Theatre, located at 358 West 44th Street, New York, NY. Show time is 5:10 p.m. Tickets are $12.

New York Vet will also be screened at the Long Island International Film Expo on July 13 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $10, $8 for senior citizens, plus fees. The Expo will take place at Bellmore Movies, located at 222 Pettit Avenue in Bellmore.

This documentary follows Dr. Charos throughout his daily life and his past experience working with rescue dogs during 9/11. While much of his schedule is filled with appointments to take care of animals, in his free time Dr. Charos volunteers his time to local law enforcement working to prevent animal abuse. The film is directed and produced by Megumi Smiros, a documentary filmmaker based in Queens, New York. Ms. Smiros began making this movie for her Advanced Film Documentary Project class while attending Hofstra University after she requested an interview with Dr. Charos on the topic of animal abuse.

“I was originally planning to make a documentary about an animal emergency clinic,” Ms. Smiros said. “Then I found information about Dr. Charos. I visited the clinic and left him a message. He gave me a call and said that he was willing to be the subject of my film.”

“It is an incredible honor to be the subject of this film,” Dr. John Charos said. “New York Vet is an excellent representation of all the good work we veterinarians do on behalf of the animals.”

“I learned so much about animal abuse and rescue dogs as I was making this film,” Ms. Smiros said. “Dr. Charos was very open and answered all the questions I had, even the questions that were probably difficult for him to talk about. I wanted people to know about what he does in the community; that’s why I made this film.”

Tickets for the Long Island International Film Expo can be purchased at www.longislandfilmexpo.com. To purchase tickets for the Metropolitan Film Festival of New York, please visit www.metrofilmfest.com.

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