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Protecting Your Dog in the Face of Pending Heartworm Medication Shortage

In the light of recent reports that a medication used for the treatment of heartworm in dogs is in short supply after the manufacturer stopped production this month, Central Veterinary Associates is urging its clients and the public to take preventative measures for their pets. READ MORE »

West Nile Virus Season Currently Underway

With the peak mosquito season underway, Central Veterinary Associates is asking bird owners to protect their pets against West Nile Virus (WNV) as best as possible. READ MORE »

Keep Pets Safe in Hot Weather

During the next few days of rising temperatures and sweltering heat, pet owners should take special care in ensuring their pet's safety. Central Veterinary Associates offers these tips to keep pets safe and happy through the hottest summer days. READ MORE »

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Central Veterinary Associates, P.C. is reminding pet owners that February is National Pet Dental Health Month and to have their pet’s teeth and gums cleaned on a regular basis. READ MORE »

Advice on Keeping Your Pet Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a very joyous one for your pet, but it is as important to make sure it is a safe one. Central Veterinary Associates, P.C. offers these tips to keep your pets free from danger while enjoying the holiday’s festivities. READ MORE »

The Best Preventative for Your Pet: A Physical Exam by your Veterinarian

A physical exam by a veterinarian is the best preventative your pet can get. During a physical exam, your veterinarian can screen for signs of many common diseases and/or problem. Where humans may have a doctor for each body system, your veterinarian has to do a full comprehensive exam as they care for your pet’s entire body. READ MORE »

Smoking and Pets

A weird thing occurred a couple of weeks ago.   It started off with one of those rare times where I actually had time to take a walk through the park.  Usually I see pet owners all the time.  Dogs of all sorts walking on leashes. READ MORE »

Is it safe to clip your pet’s toe nails?

Many clients are scared to clip their pet’s toe nails. I don’t blame them because if the nails are clipped too short you can cause your pet a lot of pain. Clipping them too short can also cause a lot of bleeding. READ MORE »

Like I Always Say…if your dog is outside, they should always be supervised (and preferably on a leash)

Like I always say…if your dog is outside, they should always be supervised.  They are even better off on a leash.  READ MORE »

Dog Parks

Dog Parks are great places for dogs to get exercise and have fun.  Hey,  I even have a great time playing with my dog, Shadow.  Shadow isn’t too good at playing fetch, (for some reason she thinks fetch is only an indoor sport) so we end up just running around.  But being a veterinarian, I do know of some of the craziness that can occur when your dog goes to the park. READ MORE »