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“I take the business of raising my little dog very seriously. To the point that I don’t think he is aware that he is a dog. He is my baby and a very well looked after one. Nothing but the best is good enough for him. So, when it comes to his health and well being, obviously, I am extremely picky about his veterinarian. That brings us to Boulevard Animal Clinic on Queens Boulevard. I stumbled upon it years ago when I was going on my daily 8 mile run. Before that i used to drive all the way from Forest Hills to Westbury to take my little puppy to Dr. Wilder in Westbury Animal Hospital. He was the vet that all the dogs in my family were taken to. The only vet that i trusted with my baby.
I decided to test drive Boulevard Animal Clinic for the sole purpose that it was in my neighborhood and a vet nearby is better than one a half hour drive away. So after talking to a bunch of other dog mommies in my neighborhood, some of whom knew and liked Boulevard Animal Clinic, I walked in to this little place that is easy to miss and decided to feel it out. My first impression of the clinic was skeptical at best. The reception area looked tacky and could definitely use a make over (still can). The staff on the other hand was extremely polite and efficient and I felt more comfortable with my choice of trying out the place. And then I met Dr. Defeis and that is what started it all. I knew from the first moment that I met Dr. Defeis that my little baby was in good hands.
Dr. Defeis is the main reason that I go to Boulevard Animal Clinic. He has the kind of personality that puts you at ease right away and he is extremely professional, yet laid back at the same time. Over the years, he has been extremely patient with all my questions (and trust me, I have many) and has always followed through with phone calls and concern over my little dog. He has always made himself available and returned my numerous phone calls even after clinic hours when I have concerns over anything regarding my dog. Bottom line is that I trust him completely with the safety and health of my dog and that is huge as I don’t trust anyone easily.
So to sum it up…..yes, Boulevard Animal Clinic can definitely use a face lift for appearances, but that is superficial stuff. The important thing is that I always get an appointment when I need it and I think Dr. Defeis is one of the best Vets that I have the pleasure of taking my little doggie too. As long as he is at Boulevard Animal Clinic, I will be bringing my dog there.”
Ayesha Singh-Bello, Pet Owner and CVA Client

“Anytime we have an emergency involving immediate veterinary care for an animal that is abused, an animal that is sick, their veterinarians are one of the first to respond. They are always available. Their personnel are professional and extremely good at what they do.”
Chief Gerry Lauber, Suffolk County ASPCA

“Central Vets is a very civically organization. And as such, they immediately donated resources and professionalism to the efforts at Ground Zero. We are relying on Central Veterinary Associates as a major player, a 24-hour hospital, and a wealth of knowledge and resources of doctors and materials.”
NYC Veterinary Response Team

“They’re excellent in emergencies. You can bring your cat or your dog in anytime day or night. There is always someone here. A real live human being who will help you. And the doctor is beyond excellence. You can’t find any better than Central Vet.”
Pet Owner and CVA Client

“I’ve been coming here 15 years. I had another dog. His name was Rock. He lived to be 14. I like it here, I like the doctors and the nurses. We are treated very well.”
Pet Owner and CVA Client

“Thank you for taking good care of me during my hospital stay!!!”
Love Sierra W.

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me while mom and dad were away on vacation. I hope they go away again soon so i can come back to see you all.”
Love Linus O.

“Just a little something to thank you for the kindness, respect, and consideration you showed to our sweet faced Tweety and to us during her stay…”
Fondly Annie and Jennifer B.

“To all my friends at central veterinary associates – thanks to all of you for helping me find my new home. It’s great and I’m so happy here.”
Charlie C.