Veterinary Housecall Services

Central Veterinary Associates, P.C. is proud to offer housecall services for all our clients living in Western Nassau (West of the Meadowbrook Parkway) and Queens.

Housecalls are excellent to help maintain the health of your pet when there are situations that prevent you from bringing your pet to one of our facilities.

During housecalls, we can perform many of the same services that we do at our facilities such as physical exams, blood collection, vaccinations, injections, toe nail clips, ear cleaning, etc. If you have difficulty bringing your pet to the veterinarian, whether it’s because you don’t have a car, your pet is too stressed, or your pet is too big to handle, it will be our pleasure to make your life easier.

Call today to ask us about our veterinary housecall services at 516.825.3066

For after hour emergencies, please bring your pet our Valley Stream Emergency Room and Hospital.