Smoking and Pets

A weird thing occurred a couple of weeks ago.   It started off with one of those rare times where I actually had time to take a walk through the park.  Usually I see pet owners all the time.  Dogs of all sorts walking on leashes.  Sometimes dogs being held in people’s arms.  I have to admit to see an owner walking around with their cat is much less common but I have seen it.  On this particular day, I saw an owner walking with his 2 birds.  The birds were kept in a nice cage.  The cage was placed on a small shopping cart.  I thought, “What a great set up.  What a great bird owner.”  The bird owner walked by me while talking to his feathered pals.  It was the first time I saw this and it was a great testament to the human animal bond.  Now here comes the weird part…All of a sudden as he is walking along, he breaks out a cigarrette and lights it.  My happy utopian picture is ruined.

If you are a smoker, the smoke from your cigarrettes can harm your pet.  Birds, cats, dogs, and all pets are very sensitive.  The smoke can lead to the development of chronic lung problems such as bronchitis and allergic bronchitis (asthma) amongst other things.

If you smoke, your pet’s health is another reason to consider quitting.

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