The Best Preventative for Your Pet: A Physical Exam by your Veterinarian

A physical exam by a veterinarian is the best preventative your pet can get. During a physical exam, your veterinarian can screen for signs of many common diseases and/or problem. Where humans may have a doctor for each body system, your veterinarian has to do a full comprehensive exam as they care for your pet’s entire body.

What can your veterinarian do for you?

• Check if your pet is overweight or underweight
• Check for signs of infection/disease of the skin, ears, and teeth
• Check for lumps and/or bumps on the skin that may potentially be malignant
• Evaluate the heart for murmurs
• Educate on common clinical signs of disease that your pet may already be experiencing
• “Palpate” or feel the belly to check for any pain
• Evaluate the eyes for any disease
• Evaluate your pet’s gait for any limping

Please remember that dogs and cats age faster than humans. Each year a dog or cat may actually age 6-7 years. This fact makes it even more important for your pet to be checked regularly.

One thought on “The Best Preventative for Your Pet: A Physical Exam by your Veterinarian”

  1. Thank you for sharing that one of the benefits of having our pets undergo a physical examination is that we can determine if they are underweight or overweight. I appreciate that you mentioned that it is important for us to ensure that our pets are healthy. I will have my dog checked to determine her health condition.

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