Safety Tips for Pets during Thanksgiving Season

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, pet owners should take precautions and special care of their pets during this special occasion. Central Veterinary Associates offers these tips to keep pets healthy and safe this Thanksgiving:

Never Give Pets Undercooked Food — Undercooked turkey or any pastry batter can be very dangerous to pets. Undercooked treats may contain salmonella, which could lead to severe food poisoning. Symptoms of salmonella poisoning include lethargy, fever, vomiting and bloody diarrhea.

Watch Out for Bones — Giving your pets turkey bones to gnaw on can be extremely hazardous to their health. Apart from the choking hazards associated with bones, there can be tiny pieces of bones in turkey meat than could also cause severe damage to their intestines.

Don’t Overfeed Your Pets — Treating your pets with a few morsels of boneless, well-cooked turkey or a taste of mashed potatoes is perfectly fine, but it’s important not to let them overindulge. Altering your pet’s diet too drastically or suddenly over the holidays can cause severe stomach upset, diarrhea and even a severe inflammatory condition of the pancreas known as pancreatitis.

Talk to Your Guests — If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year, make sure to inform your dinner guests about your pets. Let your visitors know not to feed your furry friends any bones or table scraps. Also remind your guests not to leave any coffee or alcoholic drinks lying around, since alcohol and caffeine are both toxic to pets.

Keep Lit Candles Out of Reach of Pets — Make sure any lit candles are kept as far away as possible from pets. All candles should be kept out of your pet’s reach in case they accidentally knock them over, which could present a fire hazard.

Never Give Pets Chocolate — An ingredient in chocolate can be extremely toxic to dogs, so make sure to keep all desserts and candies far away from your pet’s reach.

Keep Pets Away from Herbs and Spices — While herbs and spices will make your stuffing delicious, it can be very dangerous to pets, especially cats.

Keep Your Veterinarian’s Number on Hand — In case of an emergency, it’s important to keep your veterinarian’s number close by.

It is important to keep your pet safe during the Thanksgiving holiday. People think it might be harmless to feed your pet a special meal because it is the holiday season but the truth is, it may make your pet sick. In the event your pet does become ill, take them to a veterinarian immediately.

Central Veterinary Associates is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, including Thanksgiving Day. Should you have any problems with your pet, please contact Central Veterinary Associates at 1 (888) 4CVA-PET (428-2738).

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