Do Birds Need to See a Veterinarian?

CVA was recently interviewed by the Long Island Herald on the topic of veterinary care for avian pets. The question was whether birds need routine checkups, and the answer was “yes” as this is the best way to avoid diseases. A vet will check for basic things, such as drastic weight changes, but will also ensure that your pet does not have parasites or abnormal bacteria.

Many veterinarians recommend checkups twice per year, but at least once a year is vital. During these routine visits, the veterinarian will perform a physical exam to evaluate the bird’s state of health through a series of wellness tests – including blood work, specialized tests for common avian diseases, fecal analysis, microbiological testing and radiological testing. During these visits, the vet will also evaluate feeding, housing, grooming and overall care and development – as with any pet or human checkup. If the bird is found to have a potential disease, the vet will provide treatment options.

If you have a pet bird and would like to give them a checkup, contact your local Central Veterinary Associates office, where a professional team can evaluate and treat them. For more information about CVA or to make an appointment, call 1 (888) 4CVA-PET (428-2738) or visit

2 thoughts on “Do Birds Need to See a Veterinarian?”

  1. Thanks for helping me understand that the bird will also need a vet check-up at least once a year to have an idea of their health. I will definitely bring my parrot to the vet because of that to ensure that he will live for a long time. This will be important especially that this bird has been given to me by my grandparents for my 18th birthday.

  2. Great read. Thanks for explaining how a bird needs to see a veterinarian. My wife has been thinking of owning a pair of white cockatoos and she’s curious if ever they need to see a vet. What you said about how birds are recommended to visit a vet at least twice a year answered her question.

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