Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week

dog with vets

Since 1993, the third week of October (15-17 this year) has been designated by NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America) as “National Veterinary Technician Week” (NVTW) as a means of honoring all who help care for sick or injured animals. This year’s theme “Advancing Veterinary Nursing and Veterinary Technology” focuses on diversity of the animals who walk, slither, fly through the doors of Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) each day.

“As members of our veterinary team, our techs/nurses are educated in the latest medical advancements necessary to caring for animals, and are skilled at working alongside our doctors to provide the best medical care possible,” explains Dr. Aaron Vine, Vice President, Central Veterinary Associates. “As with animal hospitals across the country, our team of Vet Techs must have a proficiency in treating all species, whether they have feathers, fur, scales or skin.”

Similar to a traditional medical assistant in a doctor’s office, veterinary technicians will perform medical tests to help the primary physician find a diagnosis and will often administer basic treatments. They most commonly are found in private clinics, labs or animal hospitals, such as CVA. It is a wonderful and rewarding profession, especially for animal lovers. For those interested in entering the field, there are currently 19 accredited veterinary technician schools in the state of New York.

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