No Ferrets in New York City

For many years before the turn of the century, ferrets were considered the “trendy” pet for families to keep. Not only are they easy to care for and train, but they have also shown to have social personalities similar to dogs and also help to relieve stress. Not to mention, they have a unique look. But, ferrets aren’t for everyone and, in 1999, then Mayor Giuliani enacted a ban on ownership of the pet within the city’s five boroughs.

The ban came from a concern for potential attacks on children and the likelihood of the transmittal of rabies, which ferrets, considered a wild animal, are said to carry. This ban was upheld in 2015 following a vote by the city Board of Health which required a six-member approval, and resulted in three abstentions. And, New York City isn’t the only place where these pets are banned – they are also not permitted throughout the entirety of California and Hawaii, as well as in the city limits of the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.).

Ferrets, however, might have somewhat of a bad rapport. The fact that they resemble a weasel causes many to have a negative view on them, and bad press in the late nineties about biting, rabies and colonization that threatens native wildlife has given them a bad reputation.

Though many people no longer prefer to keep them as pets, those who do welcome ferrets into their home report an overall feeling of happiness and fulfillment as ferrets bring them comfort, but are also a great conversation starter that opens their social realm.

Whether you’re a lover of ferrets or not, it is important to remember that they are not permitted within the NYC limits. For those who own ferrets, CVAs team of experts is skilled at the care and treatment of exotic pets such as these and will be happy to help care for your pet. If you recently adopted a ferret, or already own one who needs medical treatment, please contact us today at1-888-4CVA-PET. We are open at our Valley Stream location 24/7/365.


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  1. Ferrets are one of the more popular exotic pets and perhaps also one of the most misunderstood. Surprisingly to many people, ferrets are illegal to keep as pets in many areas, including New York City and California.

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