Notable Pet Product Recalls

OC Raw Dog Pet Food

The OC Raw Dog Pet Food Company recently recalled its Freeze-Dried Sardines due to a potential risk of botulism and several of its Chicken, Fish & Produce products due to possible listeria contamination. OC Raw Dog Pet Product Recall

OC Raw Dog’s Freeze-Dried Sardines (3.2-ounce bags, UPC 0952258553043) were determined by the Food and Drug Administration to exceed the agency’s five-inch size restriction guideline for uneviscerated, salt-cured, dried or fermented fish. This rule is in place due to outbreaks of botulism in the 1980s and 1990s in fish larger than five inches. OC Raw Dog’s Freeze-Dried Sardines were found to contain uneviscerated fish measuring upwards of 6.5 inches.

Though these samples were determined not to contain clostridium botulinum (botulism), the company has voluntarily recalled the product. The company has also announced that it will change its sardine supplier.

In a separate recall, OC Raw Dog is also recalling several of its OC Raw Dog Chicken, Fish & Produce products after the New Jersey Department of Food and Agriculture discovered listeria in a sample of the products. The recalled products are noted as:

Meaty Rox: 3-pound, UPC 022099069171
Doggie Sliders: 4-pound, UPC 095225852640
Doggie Dozen Patty Bag: 6.5-pound, UPC 022099069225
Meaty Rox: 7-pound, UPC 095225852756

All have a “Use By” date of 10/11/18, and none have been linked to any reported illnesses.

Radagast Pet Food Company

Rad Cat Raw Diet Pet Product RecallFurther, the Radagast Pet Food Company has recalled several of its Rad Cat Raw Diet brand “Free-Range Chicken” and “Free-Range Turkey” Products after samples tested positive for Listeria during a routine check from the Food & Drug Administration. The recalled products include:

Free-Range Chicken:
8-ounce package, UPC 851536001036, best-by date of 10/10/18
16-ounce package, UPC 851536001043, best by date of 10/10/18
24-ounce package, UPC 851536001050, best by date of 10/10/18

Free-Range Turkey:
8-ounce package, UPC 851536001005, best by date of 5/3/19
16-ounce package, UPC 851536001012, best by date of 5/3/19
24-ounce package, UPC 851536001029, best by date of 5/3/19

There have been no illnesses reported with the use of these products, but it can take up to 70 days for symptoms to develop after exposure. Signs to watch out for include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Infections are particularly dangerous for aging pets, as well as humans with compromised immune systems.

CVA urges all pet owners who use these products to return them to the place of purchase or dispose of them immediately. If you suspect that your pet may have consumed this product, be sure to bring them to your local Central Veterinary Associates location for a complete checkup.

CVA keeps its hospital in Valley Stream open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For more information about CVA or to make an appointment, call (516) 825-3066 or visit

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