Notable Pet Product Recalls

OC Raw Dog Pet Food

The OC Raw Dog Pet Food Company recently recalled its Freeze-Dried Sardines due to a potential risk of botulism and several of its Chicken, Fish & Produce products due to possible listeria contamination. OC Raw Dog Pet Product Recall

OC Raw Dog’s Freeze-Dried Sardines (3.2-ounce bags, UPC 0952258553043) were determined by the Food and Drug Administration to exceed the agency’s five-inch size restriction guideline for uneviscerated, salt-cured, dried or fermented fish.… Read the rest

Several Popular Dog Food and Treat Brands Recalled

Pet Food Recalls The manufacturers of popular pet food brands such as Kibbles N’ Bits, Gravy Train, Ol’ Roy, Milo’s Kitchen and Skippy, recently issued a massive recall of its products. This J.M. Smucker product recall is due to the discovery of pentoarbital contamination and elevated levels of beef thyroid hormones in various products.… Read the rest

What to Consider When Getting a Rabbit

We’re nearing the Easter holiday, a time when many families decide to add a floppy-eared, hop-along friend to their home. But, like any pet, owning a pet bunny means committing to a lifetime of love and care.

One of the most important things to remember is that most domesticated indoor rabbits live for upwards of 12 years.… Read the rest

Salmonella-Related Pet Food/Treat Recalls

Four separate pet food and dog treat companies have recently issued product recalls due to potential salmonella contamination. This includes Raws for Paws’ Ground Turkey pet food, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products’ ZooLogics dog food, Redbarn Naturals’ Bully Sticks dog chews and Smokehouse Pet Products’ Beefy Munchies dog treats.… Read the rest

The Importance of Your Pet’s Dental Health

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

In recognition of Pet Dental Health Month, CVA reminds pet owners that protecting their fanged friends’ health should be a daily happening.

pet dental care specialists long island

Let’s be honest, most pet owners aren’t too keen on looking in their furry friend’s mouth.… Read the rest

Pet Product Recalls from Darwin’s and Evanger’s

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

central vets dog food recall
Darwin’s recently recalled several lots of its Natural Selections products after lab tests of samples found salmonella. In addition to the negative effects it has on dogs who have consumed the product, humans and other pets are at risk of infection.… Read the rest

What Bird Should You Get?

January is National Adopt a Rescued Bird month and we think it’s the perfect time to put some attention on our avian friends. Determined by archaeologists to have once walked the earth with dinosaurs, birds started out as bipedal animals that evolved to develop flight by flapping their wings to produce thrust.… Read the rest

Keep Your Pets Healthy This Winter Season

With winter approaching, it is extremely important to get your senior pets in tip-top shape to get them through the long, cold months. Given that November is National Pet Cancer Month and National Pet Diabetes Month, now is the perfect time to learn more about the symptoms and treatment of these pet diseases, and to have your pets checked for any signs of diabetes or cancer.… Read the rest

Howl-O-Ween Safety Tips

Costumes, treats, parties and more make Halloween a beloved family tradition across Long Island. But, did you know that it’s one of the most dangerous days of the year to be a family pet? According to the Pet Poison Hotline, it receives a 12% increase in the number of critical care and toxicology calls during the week of Halloween, making it the organization’s busiest time of the year.… Read the rest

Preparing for Natural Disasters

Following the devastation that took place in Texas after Hurricane Harvey, many livestock animals and family pets were left behind to suffer in the floodwaters.As hurricane season continues to rage on through November CVA is once again reminding everyone of the steps necessary to ensure the safety of all animals.… Read the rest

Top Five Low Maintenance Pets

1. Fish: Most types of fish (freshwater) are inexpensive to buy, and fish tank maintenance is minimal after the initial investment of a tank and aquarium supplies. The best fish for toddlers are inexpensive, durable fish, such as goldfish. Maintenance will be simply feeding once or twice a day, and cleaning the fishbowl or aquarium once a week.… Read the rest

Pet Food Recall: Loving Pets Dog Treats Recall

The Loving Pets brand has issued a voluntary recall of its Loving Pets Barksters and Loving Pets Puffsters Snack Chips treats due to a potential Salmonella contamination in a single finished ingredient that was supplied through a U.S.-based company. This possible contamination was discovered by Loving Pets’ internal quality assurance team and was identified through the company’s standard quality control testing procedures and internal food safety program.… Read the rest

Pet Food Recall: United Pet Group Rawhide Recall

United Pet Group recently issued a voluntary recall of its rawhide dog chews, which are sold under 13 different brand names, due to several illnesses reported to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This ultimately led to the discovery of the products being processed on machines cleaned with ammonium compound mixture that is not approved by the FDA.… Read the rest

Pet Product Recall: C.O. Truxton, Inc. Recalls Tablets Due to Potential Label Mix-Up

In early May, C.O. Truxton Inc., a healthcare provider company based out of Bellmawr, New Jersey, voluntarily recalled two different types of tablets because of a possible labeling error. There have been no consumer complaints for the products recalled; however, due to the initial recall resulting from a label mix-up error, C.O.… Read the rest

Animal Rights Awareness Week: June 18-24

Animal Rights Awareness Week will take place from June 18 to June 24. Animal rights is the idea that non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests, like the need to avoid suffering, should be given the same attention as that of humans.… Read the rest

Robotic Pets Help People Suffering with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Doctors and researchers are constantly trying to find new ways to help people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia lead better lives. Last month, the latest tool to help improve the lives of these patients came out – a robotic stuffed animal that is designed to stimulate, calm and nurture actions in patients who may be depressed or experiencing anxiety.… Read the rest

Springtime Allergies are Not Just a Human Annoyance

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Everyone knows that people of all ages suffer from seasonal allergies. In fact, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that more than 50 million Americans are affected by allergies each year. But, Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) is reminding pet owners that allergies are also extremely common in cats and dogs.… Read the rest

Central Veterinary Associates Recognizes National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

As animal rights supporters, Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) encourages all Long Islanders to take time to recognize National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Sponsored each year by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), this very important month aims to raise awareness of the multitude of animal cruelty that still takes place today, despite the laws and organizations that are in place to prevent such travesty.… Read the rest

Alert: Adult Dog Food Recall from Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo Company recently issued a voluntary recall of its BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs due to potential elevated levels of beef thyroid hormones. The recall affects those products with the UPC code 840243101153 and best by date of June 7, 2019.… Read the rest

Alert: Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Brand “Hunk of Beef” Products Recall

Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) is notifying all local pet owners of the recent voluntary recall from Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food. The company issued a recall for the 12-ounce cans of its Hunk of Beef products due to the discovery of the barbiturate pentoarbital in a sample of its Hunk of Beef Au Jus.… Read the rest

Alert: Blue Buffalo’s Homestyle Recipe Recall

As a result of the recent voluntary recall of Blue Buffalo’s Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight, Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables 12.5-ounce canned products due to the presence of aluminum,  Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) is notifying all local pet owners of the dangers associated with Aluminum Toxicity.… Read the rest

Alert: 9Lives, EverPet & Special Kitty Brand Recalls

Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) is notifying all local pet owners of the recent voluntary recall from J.M. Smucker Company. The well-known brand recently announced that its 9Lives, EverPet and Special Kitty cat food brands were found to contain low-levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1), which can lead to thiamine deficiency in felines.… Read the rest

National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, National Pet Cancer Month and National Pet Diabetes Month

Pet Diabetes

dog vet long islandFrom change in appetite to lethargy, there are many physical signs associated with pet diabetes, which is most commonly found in dogs. This includes excessive thirst and increase in water consumption, increased urination, significant weight loss, dehydration, urinary tract infections and unusually sweet-smelling or fruity-smelling breath.… Read the rest

Celebrating National Animal Safety and Protection Month

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From pets to wild creatures, animals play a vital part of our daily lives, such as companionship and sources of nutrition. That’s why it’s important to protect all animals; big or small, feathered, scaled, hoofed, pawed, or otherwise – and to understand the key ways in which to care for them in their time of need.… Read the rest

Preparedness Suggestions in Light of Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew starts heading up the Eastern seaboard, Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) is reminding pet owners to take their pets into consideration during the emergency preparedness plans. For these, and all natural and man-made disasters, Americans are encouraged to create an emergency kit containing ten days’ worth of food, water, medications and other consumables for both themselves and their pets.… Read the rest

Central Veterinary Associates Say: Don’t Forget Your Pet During National Preparedness Month

Fifteen years ago, with hurricane season well underway, winter storms right around the corner and the after-effects of the terrorist attacks, the Federal Emergency Management Agency declared September as National Preparedness Month. In recognition of this nationwide initiative, Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) is reminding pet owners to remember their pets in their emergency preparedness plans.… Read the rest

Dog-friendly Recreation Areas on Long Island

It’s safe to say that pets and their owners both get tired of being cooped up indoors. YOU might have the chance to spend a few hours at a local park, but can your dog come along? The good news is that there are an increasing numbers of Long Island parks and recreation areas that allow dogs.… Read the rest

Alert: Blue Buffalo Recall

Popular Brand’s Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food Pulled from Shelves Due to Possible Mold.

Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) is notifying all local pet owners of the recent voluntary recall from Blue Buffalo Company. The popular pet food brand announced that a limited number of its Life Protection Formula dry dog food was pulled from shelves due to potential mold, which could sicken pets.… Read the rest

Learning the Signs of Animal Cruelty

A few months ago, a pet groomer in San Mateo, California made headlines when he arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty after a dog died in his care. The dog was bleeding from the mouth and had difficulty breathing, and an x-ray of the dog revealed two broken ribs and a punctured lung.… Read the rest

Cool Off at the Beach during These Dog Days of Summer


Family WalkMany Long Island beaches allow pets in the off-season, between Labor Day and Memorial Day. But if you and your dog both want some respite from the heat, there are a few local beaches that are dog-friendly year-round! Here are our top picks:

  • Shadmoor State Park, Montauk: This outlier is a great destination if your canine loves car rides.
Read the rest