Dr. Greg Nelson, DVM, DABVP

Dr. Greg Nelson | Queens Veterinarian | Nassau County Pet Surgeon

Senior Vice President

Director of Diagnostic Imaging

Director of Surgery

Practitioner of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Greg Nelson graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1996, where he was recipient of numerous academic accolades. Since then, he has received both local and national recognition, including the ASPCA’s Presidents Award for Outstanding Veterinarians. He has continued his education in the fields of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging and Surgery through class study and one on one mentoring. He currently resides as the Head of Diagnostic Imaging and Head of Surgery at the Main Hospital.

When he is not at work he can be found with his wife and son on “Housecalls“, their boat, whether fishing or lazily drifting the day away. He also enjoys all aspects of nature, and is an avid hiker and camper.